The 2 Best Sport-Themed Online Slots

The green fields and the wooden courts aren’t far away anymore, with the digital screens introducing you to the live streaming services and the betting options. People can be anywhere they want and still enjoy the fun and thrill on the court. Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, and it has also become a highly searched betting option on the internet. According to a survey, the number of people betting on basketball has increased significantly. Football has always been on top, especially with more than 50% of the U.S. citizens having a bet on the games at least once. All the sports have grown in their betting scene over the past two decades.

The numbers witnessed a rapid hike soon after wagering on the matches were shifted to the digital screens. Although you might not be actually experiencing the game first-hand in the front row of the gallery, you are not likely to miss any important detail. All the exciting features of the game can be enjoyed from home. But if you are in an off-season right now, it is best to go for the various sports-themed slots. If you miss the fun of the players tackling the ball and you are betting for money, the slots can be a great escape. Let us look at the best sport-themed online slots.

Online Slots

1.      Final Furlong

This is a horse racing-themed slot available only on Betway Casino. Developed by Microgaming, Final Furlong is a game for the fans of the sport. It has nine paylines that get triggered with free spin features all over the five reels of the game. This slots game has plenty of highlights, such as the wild symbols and win multipliers. The wild symbols will substitute for all the icons in the game, but the scatters will remain the same. Wilds will also help you double your win. Although immersive race-themed bonus features aren’t offered in Final Furlong, the simple 5-reel slots action is worth trying.

2.      Basketball Star

Here is the option you might have been looking for on this list. Basketball fans will surely love the game for the theme installed. Microgaming has had a spurt where releasing sports-themed slots was the highlight. The World Cup craze was tapped into by this game to allow fans to have a taste of Basketball Star to its fullest. People could bet on the reels with various players and points as symbols to enjoy this game after the match on the television. Fans of NBA from all over the world have been enjoying Basketball Star. This five-reel slot has 243 ways to win, and it has wild symbols appearing on the third, fourth, and fifth reels. The Wild Shot feature turns two reels wild for a better win. Rolling reels and free spins make this game more exciting. They can be triggered by landing the basketball scatters. Multiple consecutive wins are guaranteed with the Rolling Reels.

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